TechExtend, integrate common Technical Analysis measures

The TechExtend app enables you to:

  • Spot trading risks and opportunities in your portfolios
  • Track when a holding's underlying price crosses a moving average
  • Compare a technical indicator over different number of time periods


  • SMA - Simple Moving Average
  • EMA - Exponential Moving Average
  • RSI - Relative Strength Index
  • MACD - Moving Average Convergence/Divergence

TechExtend is available at Imagine's IFP app marketplace

The screen capture below is output form a portfolio setup utilizing the app. If a returned value is negative, please refer to the TechExtend Error Codes section.

TechExtend Sample Output

Once you have the app installed, simply run this install script to install the common indicators. Alternatively, you can manually set up your Custom Columns as in the following examples:

  • For Simple Moving Average:

TechExtend Simple Moving Average

  • For Exponential Moving Average:

TechExtend Exponential Moving Average

  • For Relative Strength Index:

TechExtend Relative Strength Index

  • For MACD Indicator:

TechExtend Moving Average Convergence/Divergence

TechExtend Support

TechExtend Parameters

Parameter Values Full Description
First Name of script
Second SC_SimpleTechInd, or SC_MACDTechInd handles all indicator requests except the MACD
Third Indicator Type SC_SMA, SC_EMA, SC_RSI for SimpleTechInd or SC_MACD for the MACDTechInd.
Remainder Number of Days Usually a single value. In the case of MACD, supply a list of 3 values (third being the number of days in the EMA of difference between first and second)

TechExtend Error Codes

Error # Reason Full Description
-1.00 Too few historic samples Not enough of a history is available to figure an accurate value. For instance, 50 day simple moving average cannot be calculated with less than 50 historical values. Should only occur with new issues.
-2.00 No closing history found for the Underlying Security Error returned when Underlying Security is not exchange traded or the configured exchange is not supplying a 'CLOSE' value.
-3.00 Invalid indicator name supplied to the formula Set up error. Indicator must be supplied as: SC_SMA, SC_EMA, SC_RSI for Simple or SC_MACD for the MACD indicator. Should not occur if Custom Column definitions are installed with the supplied install script
-10.00 No TechExtend cache Since newer versions of TechExtend always create the cache automatically, this error should not occur. If you receive this error, please let us know
-20.00 Unexpected Error If you receive this error, please let us know